Auto Glass Connection Lifetime Guarantee


We warrant that auto glass connection, provides only first quality automotive glass, and we guarantee that the safety glass installed complies with the specifications of the american standard safety code for motor vehicles as prescribed by the american standards association and is approved as motor vehicle glazing material by the national safety council.

We further guarantee that your new auto glass will be properly installed and sealed by experienced technicians.

All windshields and back glass installations are guaranteed against leakage for as long as the customer owns the vehicle. (Note: Warranty will not apply if vehicle has body damage or rust in or around the installation area.)

All windshields are guaranteed for a period of one (1) year against stress cracks.

All headlight restorations are guaranteed for a period of one (1) year.

**This warranty may not be modified and no other warranty, expressed or implied may be made on our behalf.

**Stress cracks or other unexplained breakage that could be the result of improper installation will generally appear within 30-day period after installation.

This guarantee is non-transferable.